I dreamed I saw

Dr. Dixon’s right hand man Joe Hill may be leaving. According to the DNT he’s one of the top choices to superintend the fastest growing School District in Minnesota, Sartell.

I hinted when I first heard about his application that he was like a rat jumping ship. That’s not fair. Joe is an OK guy who simply is doing what his school board and his boss have directed him to do. In fact, I can’t think of any experience that would better prepare a Superintendent to lead a fast growing district. I gather that he gets along well with the principals and other administrators under him. He is certainly a personable fellow. I did chat with him briefly shortly after he was hired and even joked with him a bit by singing that great old union turned pop song Joe Hill.

In honor of Joe’s surviving a tough job I’d offer a few changes in its lyrics:

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, as live as you and me,
Says I to Joe your ten years dead, I never died says he,
I never died says he,

JCI bosses shot you Joe they filled you up with lead,
Takes more than guns to kill a school says Joe and I ain’t dead
Says Joe and I ain’t dead.

They made you strand and shrink your staff and big fill them out of schools,
Perhaps said Joe, but they’re all mute cuz teachers ain’t no fools
And furthermore says Joe to me the fact is I ain’t dead.
the fact is I ain’t dead.

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