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Transpanency: The Trib adds to the story of an unhappy school board. I offered the video and some context here.


Tonya Sconiers

I must admit that the summary of Tonya’s crimes seems a bit inflated by the District. You would never know that Tonya once slavishly supported Keith Dixon and the early reign of Bill Gronseth.


Stauber, National Crisis, parking lots

Yes Congressman Stauber’s spouse was a warrior in Iraq. But its not just money for a parking lot in West-point that is being diverted to protect America from Mexican “rapists.” It’s billions of dollars from national security to save us from rape. That is a crises and Pete is happy to stoke it. If we really cared about rapists we might have been a little more careful about who we appointed to the Supreme Court. Or maybe Congress would help fund 200,000 untested rape kits sitting on evidence room shelves all over America.


“Sankofa” at Duluth’s AME Church

I was invited to attend St. Marks AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church on Saturday. I haven’t decided whether to attend but after reading this article I calculated that the church was built in 1888. That was the year after my Grandfather George Robb’s birth. My grandfather’s next door neighbor was Larry Lapsley who escaped from slavery in Texas during the Civil War. When the Trib story says St.Marks was built by ex slaves its true. The Civil War had ended only twenty-seven years before construction began.

I particularly liked the description of the Ghanaian word “Sankofa” because only a few days ago I was accused of looking backwards at the School District’s misadventures. According to the folks who cherish this word it “symbolizes a sense of needing to look back in order to move forward.” To that I say, “Hallelujah!”


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