Teaching Science causes mass shootings

It really is little wonder that Christians are the greatest source of atheism in the known universe. Here’s the leader of the Family Research Council explaining that teaching science causes mass shootings.

Tony Perkins is (how could it be otherwise?) a recent Republican Congressman. But I’d like him to explain how legions of Christians were photographed at the scenes of hundreds of lynchings until shortly before my birth post world war II. Atheism wasn’t all that popular so I’m confident that you would have been hard pressed to find a half dozen practicing atheists among the 10,000 Duluthians that rampaged into the city Jail in 1920 to lynch three innocent black men. (infamous photo above)

It wasn’t long ago that Republican sect of Christianity was saying that abortion caused things like the 9/11 attacks. Now its claiming that schools that teach that the universe is 13.8 billion years old causes such mayhem. (Charles Darwin was Jack the Ripper – bet you din’t know that!) I have a different theory. I believe that God is sending a hurricanes to attack Maralago because of the Republican cult.

I’ve got two more posts and a cartoon to post so that I can suck Mr. Perkin’s venom out of me.

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