Doesn’t this make you proud?

As “conservative” pundits spread misinformation and falsehoods around to each other like a herpes virus concerning the Bush Administration’s mistreatment of prisoners, 100 of whom died in custody, its good to see a little disinfectent on the Internet:

From Glenn Greenwald of

Essentially, the current posture of the U.S. to the world is this:

Yes, we implemented a worldwide torture regime that we justified with lawyers’ memoranda that were false, wrong, shoddy, lawless, sloppy and extremist, but because those lawyers were such warped radicals, they probably believed what they were saying at the time, so we’re going to declare that we had the right to do what we did and are shielded from all consequences, even though we’ve signed treaties agreeing to prosecute anyone who authorizes torture and constantly demand that other nations prosecute their own torturers. Besides, we have important things to do and so we want to Look Forward, not Backward.

Ah yes. Always look forward.

Read the entire column which leads up to this caustic summation here.

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