Bye Jupiter!

Bob King is a nice addition to WDSE’s portfolio. Today I saw the Trib’s retired photog explaining where we would see Jupiter this evening. I found it in UMD’s tall sculpture. I was too late to catch it in the picture because a cloud’s nose rushed over to hide it before I could get my cell phone out.

I took the walk to loosen up after spending nine hours today painting. First I spent four hours at church priming and painting windows then I came home and painted walls of our kitchen just before the appliances and granite are brought in. The walk did me good. It cleared my mind.

A couple of annoyances have bedeviled me in recent days. Somehow I got locked out of my blog stats. I had to get a new password and just now used it to see how many visits I’ve had since I got frozen out. I’ll never know. I found that five days worth of stats were completely erased as though no one visited from June 4th through 8th. Then the blog got 12,000 pageviews on June 9th. Sweet.

That’s all for now. I’ve got some reading to do.

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