A little bird told me

Howie Hanson got his $19,000 contract at the School Board meeting. Howie began trumpeting the Red Plan line after his ridiculous assertion that a “little bird” had told him that the Fon du Lac Reservation was going to build a casino where Central High School currently stands.

I asked in a previous post what Mr. Hanson had been doing since Sept. (other than poke fun at Red Plan candidates) for the money he was going to be paid retroactively. I certainly hope the smell of cash had anything to do with the best news source in Duluth’s changing its tune. Well, my own little birdie has just told me that the District has been paying Howie for several months prior to the passage of his contract.

Whether my little birdie’s song is any better than Howie’s I have no idea. However, there’s no doubt that it sure strikes a sour note

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