“Underneath the bleachers” of the Red Plan

This email sent to Tim Grover and the School Board suggests the folly of putting all our eggs in a basket with no bottom in it. We’re spending our treasure to build $293 million in new schools. Is this the sort of maintenence we can expect to see once they are built?

FW: Basketball Game at Woodland Middle School
timothy grover

Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 2:13 PM
To: School Board
Cc: kerry m. leider

Good morning,

I attended a basketball game last night at your school. The game was a girl’s “C” team game between Duluth Central and Esko. I was completely appalled at the conditions in the gymnasium. First it was so cold in there that we never took off our jackets, our feet were cold and the girls on both teams had to cover up with either sweats or blankets while on the bench. I know that there are concerns over expenses, but I disagree with keeping the heat that low, especially for an event. When not occupied, fine. Secondly, the other thing that completely disgusted me were the conditions of the bleachers and the gym in general. The bleachers were so dirty and dusty that you had to clean off a spot before you wanted to sit down. The underneath of the bleachers had so much garbage that must have been there for many months, several garbage cans would have been filled. Even the floor had dust on it in certain areas. You would think for any competition, the mats could be moved to another location to give the athletics room on the sidelines for the safety of the athletics.

This was not a good sign for the Duluth Schools in my opinion. Whether your school is on the closing list with the plan being implemented or not, general maintenance and cleaning should be kept up. Keeping pride in your school no matter what should be a priority.

Thank you for listening.

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