Aw Ralph!

The Budgeteer let it be known a while back that no more Red Plan related letters to the editor would be included in the final paper before the election. There are campaign ads but no letters. There is however the fear mongering Ralph Doty column.

One Quibble. When Ralph echoes the complaint:

“Anti-everything critic Harry Welty said a few months ago that his goal was to create “chaos” to defeat the school board’s forward-looking plan. We cannot let him succeed.”

I’d sure like him to quote whatever I said completely. Chaos is a good word I use in my vocabulary and mostly nowadays in reference to the claims for Red Planners that anything short of completing the Red Plan will lead to it.

Otherwise when did I ever say that my goal was to sow chaos? Just taint so.

I suppose that just like two years ago when Mr. Doty made even more grandiose and inaccurate complaints against me three days before an election I’ll have a chance to point out what a silly man he is by replying to him in the Budgeteer. I simply won’t bother this time. I’ll be quite content to live by the verdict of the voters whether they be with me or against me. It is, after all, their choice.

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