Trente – Day thirty

I write this from Charlotte, North Carolina. The reservoir and river below us looked swollen with the non existant consequences of Global warming’s over heated atmosphere. (I can go back to political sniping now that my writing will be gravitating back to the blog.) When I was going through the TSA to be checked out before entering the airport for our 7 hour wait to catch a flight to Minneapolis I got another reminder of home. Billy Grahm’s six foot tall visage clutching his dog-eared Bible advertised his library as the city’s number one tourist attraction. My first thought was his Trump loving son Franklin. Sweet Jesus!

We took a cab to Charles DeGaulle Airport early this morning. The Eiffel Tower had gone dark. My plan was to begin reading the compact bio of Napoleon by Paul Johnson on the plane. I bought at his tomb in the French Armee Museum. Its excellent.

I will no longer have France to distract me from America’s politics. Thank you France for the brief reprieve.

I have five hours to upload the pics for the 28th and 29th days of our travels before heading to Minnesota. Am I glad to be back? You betcha.

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