Dix-huit – Day Eighteen

From Facebook:

This was a happy day and I took lots of pics. Saturday not only saw calliopes and organ grinders but market day under a vast canvas and a huge flea market. We woke to see huge crowds outside our hotel window. We retraced our steps to a great open square and discovered that the city had organized a one mile race for waiters and waitresses carrying trays of beverages in the afternoon.

Before the race we toured yet a other cathedral and Dijon’s museum of Beaux Arts (early renaissance art). More pics. We stopped for a glass of wine to prepare for watching the great tray carrying marathon.

Then it was off to the races. We saw the start of the spectacle and took a shortcut to the end where we saw the intrepid wait professionals race to the finish line with background accompaniment by organ grinders. As a last pic you will see a statue of a polar bear near where Claudia and I will be picked up to start a full day tour of Beauene tomorrow. I don’t know what the bear stands for but the brass owls we found embedded in the streets are a symbol of Dijon. Following their trail takes you to everything of interest.

A few of the Pics:

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