A dispassionate appraisal of the SB

This is an anonymous post from the DNT’s online comment section. I suspect it mirrors the thinking of those who have not drunk from the District’s Kool Aid or who, unlike me, have not yet started frothing at the mouth.

Spending as much money up front to entrench a decision is a well used ploy. I can understand the need to make changes and I personally have never really contested the need. I do shake my head at the complete ineptitude of the board with obtaining public buy-in with the facility planning. I have lived through this type of change in other areas and have never witnessed such mishandling of the public sector. Were the members of the board scared? Are they that stubborn? Perhaps just plain ignorant of the importance of community buy-in and the enormous WORK involved in getting it. Could it be a desire to make their mark mixed with a bit of lazy attitude? No matter what, I for one am going to vote out as many incumbents as I can come November. My only worry is anyone new getting voted in gets the same disease these people have acquired. I think a carrier of this diseased thinking is the superintendent but that is another story.

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