Rascally lawnsign theives

Someone braved the wind the night before last to steal the raft of lawnsigns I’d put in my yard. I stuck a dozen Vote like it Count signs in my yard to compensate for not having the time to pass them out all over town. I had to leave Duluth unexpectedly for a funeral and lost the weekend to pass out my new lawnsigns. I’m still too swamped to get them out but I have all of October to put them up or order more if they go like hot cakes.

Having so many signs in my lawn was a little obnoxious of me but locals are used to my putting up excessive signs when I feel strongly about something. The door to my “wine cellar” is an old hand painted lawnsign I put up teasing the City about a huge pot hole that once swallowed cars in front of our house. The door is five feet off the basement floor and you have to be a spelunker to scramble through it. It leads to a crawl space with an uneven clay floor which I needed to level for my wine racks.

I used another old sign to level the floor. Its a four by eight plywood sheet that has by turns been used for one of my Quixotic Congressional campaigns (1992), advertised John McCain (2000) and rooted for Mary Cameron when she ran successfully for the School Board in 2001.

I ran her campaign. I had an extra billboard panel with Mary’s face on it so I glued it over the McCain sign so that Mary could smile at the traffic driving past my home. Now Mary, whatever our differences on the Red Plan, smiles up at me whenever I risk my life to get a bottle of wine.

If we were on the same side this election I could have brought her out and she might have scared off the lawnsign thieves.

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