Something the Chamber’s newsletter didn’t report

I’ve been expecting the school year to be rocky since Dr. Dixon decided to push the whole Red Plan up to Warp Speed. I haven’t asked anyone how its gone but I got this unsolicited email that paints a very different picture than the one written by the Trib the day before school began:

Did you hear about the fiasco at Woodland Middle School due to the influx of Ordean kids due to the rush on the Red Plan on both the orientation day on the 9th and the first day of school? My daughter is in **th grade there and was one of the few Woodland kids left. She averages 36-40 kids per class and had a hard time even finding a familiar face on the first day. Orientation night had parents and kids standing loooooong lines waiting for a schedule which never materialized. We had to listen to Ordean parents whine about the disorganization (which it was, especially after 3 months off to figure this out), and act like they were from Ordean and therefore were too good for this!! On the first day of school my daughter sat in a class doing the pre-class work when the teacher then decided to do attendance and guess what…….she wasn’t even in that class anymore (that made the 3rd schedule change)!! The first day of schools lunch also ran out of food and had to order pizza. A friend of hers didn’t get lunch..period!! His Mom called to complain that her child hadn’t eaten all day and even the secretary started crying, saying it had been a very bad day and there had been mishap after mishap!! Lets just move that red plan along at all costs!

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