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And here is that “Nasty Woman” sign I mentioned. I took the picture hours before it was stolen.

What does Pete Stauber Stand for? He stands for Donald Trump. This year that’s all Mr. Trump will let any Republican stand for. You can read Pete’s brave public policy in thirty seconds on six subjects like abortion and national defense. He’s against abortion and he’s for veterans. But I’d like to know if he’s for the Republican policy of stacking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V Wade? Does he care about the mass suicides of veterans who have fought for decades in nations whose people never wanted our soldiers?

Congress is full of good guys angling for higher office or a cushy retirement lobbying Congress on K street.
Until Donald Trump a few Republicans had some wiggle room to be independent thinkers. They were all for Free Trade an issue so important to them that they had to impeach Bill Clinton. Oh yeah there was that sex stuff but Clinton was poaching college educated free traders from the Republicans. He had to be stopped and his zipper gave them their excuse. But the free traders have turned on a dime with Trump bashing NAFTA and all the other agreements that have made the world economy boom.

Thirty years before Trump put the kibosh on free trade the Republican began killing off independent thinker in primaries. Now Trump is doing the same thing to any Republican who isn’t in his pocket. And make no mistake. Pete Stauber is counting on that pocket to get him elected to rubber stamp anything the President wants.
Most of this District’s newspapers are part of a Trump friendly business called the Fargo Forum. When a press bashing Trump ran for President against an unpopular but competent Hillary Clinton the Forum papers were too timid to endorse either the demagogue or a woman in a pant suit. I voted for Clinton and I make no apologies for it. I even put up a sign in my yard. It said “a nasty woman lives here. Someone stole it that night. And I gotta tell you – my nasty woman and I were both pretty irritated. It was probably a republican protecting the public from fake news.
About the only thing that Trump and agree on is our contempt for today’s political party’s. He turned the Republicans into an army of Trump zombies. Republican hacks made it easy for him because they had already by purging folks like me from the party who weren’t sufficiently pro gun, pro god and pro life. In this triple threat party there is no room for national health insurance that could save a family from bankruptcy and homelessness during a recession. But Trump and the Republicans love pay day lenders who charge desperate people 300 percent interest. That’s called smart business.
I doubt that I’ll get a chance to debate the good guy Pete Stauber so I’m offering the public these harangues while Pete coasts along with a million bucks curtesy of the Party of Lincoln….ooh excuse me. The party of Trump.

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