Today’s sample of Glass/Welty email

Mimi Larson says she understands the nature of the email sent by Gary Glass. Not hardly. Here’s her assessment based on ten out-of-context passages quoted by Ralph Doty.

“…it is now clear that Gary Glass has personally managed most of LDV’s activities this year, including helping pick the attorney who was expected to sue him.”

The only thing the email proves is that Gary Glass was a prolific email writer. Gary Glass is a one man brainstorm. He sent out dozens of email a week full of ideas and advice. Most were trial balloons he hoped someone would grab hold of including his overworked attorney. He had good reason for his prodigious effort. The School District was racing out of control to build the five year Red Plan in two or three years.

I got so many of Gary’s emails that I only skimmed most of them. It would have taken a small army to do a fraction of what Gary wanted done and Let Duluth Vote did not have that army of volunteers. Yes, over 2000 people had contributed to the cause, and will again, but LDV’s ranks of worker bees had been thinned drastically by burn out. That will change as the 2009 election nears and Duluth voters have their chance to cast votes.

Gary’s own email clearly demonstrates that Mr. Hunter, his attorney in a separate matter, has not been paying much attention to his email. Obviously Gary was hardly a puppet master. This is from a June 30, 2009 email sent at 7:54:01 AM CDT. (“CH” is Craig Hunter the taxpayer’s attorney and “GEG” is Gary. I don’t know what the “E” stands for. Probably something like endurance.)

Hi HW:

Please discuss this with CH and get his response. I’ve received no response from CH. Thanks. GEG.

Whatever this referred to there’s a good chance I never discussed this with Mr. Hunter. Its not that Gary’s advice in the email was unwelcome or unimportant. It simply was too much to act on without an army. Craig Hunter was also being circled by dozens of wolves in the form of District and JCI attorneys. That’s where he was focused. Gary Glass was a client who was peripheral to Welty et al the taxpayer’s case no matter what Mimi Larson and the Defense Attorney Sue Torgerson say. The best evidence of this is that Judge Hylden himself saw no evidence of privileged information leaking out of the School Board to Gary. That’s because Gary Glass was never given any! And that’s why Gary Glass first contacted Craig Hunter in the first place. Now Gary was on the outside of a case that he was passionately interested in. Much to his chagrin it has stayed that way except that his attorney, the school board’s attorney, Sue Torgerson, is laying the groundwork for the School Board to remove Gary from office.

The 60% of voters who elected Gary Glass because they wanted a vote on the Red Plan are sure lucky to have Sue Torgerson representing Gary Glass. If only she’d remove the garrote she’s wrapped around his throat.

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