More on vigilance

I have been heartened by the large response to my recent post on Vigilance. If we had a smarter adversary trying to undermine our Democracy than Donald Trump I would be closer to hysteria. The late night hosts are doing a far better job explaining his administration’s follies and machinations than I could. That gives me hope. One thing does not give me hope – the cowardice of Republican leaders who fostered much of the anger, paranoia and misinformation which have led us to this era of disunion despite our nation’s vast prosperity. For this reason I have no interest in any Republican candidate for public office who keeps his/her lips zipped or worse hops on the Trump bandwagon. Are you paying attention Pete Stauber?

For those looking for more on this concern I highly recommend this intelligent summary of the Trump record from Andrew Sullivan. For nearly ten years I read Sullivan’s must-read blog. Now he rations his Internet thoughts and thus, unlike me, better manages his diminished proof reading needs.

Take a look:

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