A fool for a client

While the taxpayers are without an attorney at the moment they still have legal work which needs to be pursued. While we are interviewing potential legal representation to take over the taxpayer’s case we will have to represent ourselves. In law this is called being an attorney pro se. That’s Latin for “we’re on our own.” My Dad, who was also an attorney, would have put it a little differently. He always quoted the old saw: “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Somehow, saying we’re “dumb like a fox” sounds a lot better.

One consideration is the still unanswered request for the public data we presented to the District. We saw the jaws of several attorneys drop when they learned that no discovery had been provided. We may be heading into contempt of court territory.

Having been too busy to look through the earlier discovery demands made by our attorney (now retired) or the Defendant’s replies I just opened them up. I had the Court recorder print out a copy of the Judge’s directions to our attorney at our May hearing to read through and have contacted an expert with a flash drive to download email.

Next week I’ll present the judge’s comments to the District and start exploring the files at the Central Administration Building. This will be a bit of a pain because my Father-in-law will be visiting from Florida next week and I don’t want to be an absent host. Its what I’ve come to expect from the District – massive inconvenience.

I hope the District is reading this (Silly thought) so that they can check with Attorney Torgerson to see how they can further delay the discovery.

NOTE: I’ve corrected a few typos in this entry because I linked to it in a later blog post and because, By golly, apparently the defense attorneys are reading my posts to bone up on their duties.

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