Nuts to Crack

I may take my computer with me to Nevada and Arizona in a couple hours. If I do I may manage to keep posting about a quick visit to Las Vegas (two nights) and Bullhead Arizona (5 nights). Sans my school board obligations we are getting a little fancy free. My brother in law is setting up shop in Arizona for a couple months and we decided a visit to 50 degree temps might make for a nice change of scene. Ironically, in another week we’ll be flying back to Arizona, Tuscon this time, to attend a memorial service to my Dad’s last remaining sibling, my Aunt Mary. Then before February is out we will visit my father in law in Florida and take our Grandchildren for their winter break to soak up some sun and maybe get a peek at Universal Studio’s Harry Potter compound.

The challenge will be to keep up some daily writing on that book. Yesterday I only managed half a page. I got to his enlistment and couldn’t recall the many day by day moves he made. However, I had put them all in a chronology a year ago. I just printed it out and will follow it to continue my rough draft while traveling…..if I can find time. I also hope to keep up my daily French lessons. Fingers crossed that will be another trip later in the year.

One of the remarkable things about some people’s retirement is that it hardly frees up any time. Busy people keep busy. In my case I’m only freed up to spend more time on other preoccupations. I dished out chicken noodle soup yesterday at the Soup Kitchen and the night before attended the Reader’s “Best of” Award ceremony at the Depot. Now that I’ve rejoined it as a columnist I even was called up to say hello during a break in the award presentations. I was handed the latest Reader with all the winners that night but only just now began paging through it to my column. That’s the one the Reader titled “Poor Reading a Tough Nut to Crack.” As I continued paging through the tabloid I found the same title again this time over Forrest Johnson’s column. Oops. Forrest was writing about the National Union of Friendly Americans. I’m not a member.

I’ve got a week to come up with a new column for the Reader. Maybe I’ll find it at the Hoover Dam…..if the Government hasn’t shut it down. Those pesky Republicans can’t wait to deport all those English speaking children back to their parent’s home countries after we spent billions of dollars educating them to be useful Americans. Now that’s poor thinking.

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