Increased readership despite eye glazing posts

I’m amazed to find my site being visited by a hundred more folks a day despite the eye glazing length of many of my recent posts. I’ve always intended my websites to be the antidote to superficial coverage of the Duluth Schools in the MSM (that’s a hip acronym for old fart media standing for “main stream media”) Its ironic that I’m just shy of 60 and headed to my 40th high school reunion this weekend while my main disappointment is a mere 26 years of age.

I know because the Trib’s ed reporter took a particular delight in digging up the ages of the two oldest school board candidates in the upcoming Duluth elections Maureen Booth and Gary Glass. She tweaked Glass when she asked his age and he resisted giving it to her by telling Glass where she could look it up on the Internet. So, Glass looked her’s up the same way. We old farts can’t wait for the truly innovative new angle to makes its hackneyed appearance in the Trib; that fearful, clueless, out-of-touch elderly people oppose the munificent benefits of the Red Plan and in doing so are compromising the future of the next generation.

The two old codgers Booth and Glass are more intellectually vital despite all their burned out brain neurons than most twenty-somethings who have drunk so deeply of the JCI sales pitch. Why is it that the young so often rally to the siren song of dictatorship. Its like one of the Mitford sisters is handling all the Red Plan reporting.

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