Oh yeah, Explaining that previous post

Just before going out to eat at a dinner engagement I promised to explain Gary Glass’s novel filing for the First District seat while he’s still got two years to serve in his at large position. The explanation? Gary must be a shrewed politician. I kept checking out the District’s website to see who was filing and Gary filed at the very last minute. I was intrigued that the news story that was filed afterward quoted the District’s PR person Katie Kaufman as explaining that Gary’s doing so was legal. I wondered who on such short notice she consulted. Perhaps, I wondered this had already been anticipated even dreaded.

As I’ve explained it appears to me that the School Administration has been working hard to give the School Board a good excuse to remove the thorn from their side. Had they done so after the filing had closed Gary Glass would have been toast. He would have had to wait another two years to run for the school board by which time the Red Plan might have been completed without any of Gary’s unanswered pestering questions.

Without Gary his certain pro Red Plan replacement would have required all four incumbents to be defeated a usually tough feat to accomplish. (not so much this year) If Gary had been removed and just one incumbent survived the election Dr. Dixon could have kept his majority. Now he faces a 5-2 school board. It won’t be an anti Red Plan board. It will be a pro compromise Board. Such an unappetizing prospect with $200 million more dollars to spend.

Now the School Board faces a much less appetizing decision. Instead of being assured that Gary will be gone they could remove him knowing he could soon be back anyway especially after making him a martyr and all but guaranteeing his election in the First District. Or they could simply say that it simply preposterous to think they would have removed Gary Glass from the Board.

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