Trump 2016 – Get used to it

Readers who look closely will see that the previous post is categorized as “Trump 2016” which seems wrong because, after New Years, we now find ourselves in 2018. That is simply a function of my setting up a Trump Account in the annus horibilous when he first interjected his bile seriously into American politics. I will no doubt keep the category as is for the foreseeable future.

As someone who is rightly proud of the best of our nation’s history I raced through all the stages of grief with Donald Trump’s election well before he was elected. I voted absentee and was in Topeka, Kansas, when the results came in. You can see I began the post election period with a little high mindedness about the process of presidential selection in a speech I gave to a VFW Post, however, in that case I mostly lauded our selection of then President Barack Obama.

For the past two years I’ve barely held back my contempt for Trump. I’ve come up with several creative dismissals of his decency. I’m waiting to write that he speaks out of both sides of his gastrointestinal tract……ooh, guess I just used that one. Every time I bad mouth our new POTUS I second guess myself with regard to how his fans might take my dyspepsia. They are quite right to point out that he is the President notwithstanding the wishful “He’s not my President” bravado of his wounded critics. But, are they right when they insist he be given some deference? Trump’s supporters tend to maintain that Barack Obama was treated with respect. I don’t buy that.

FOX News and Rush Limbaugh quickly portrayed Obama as the most “ultra liberal” President of all time, despite Obama’s falling a couple places back from that distinction. Truman integrated the Armed Forces causing the Dixiecrat revolt and even Richard Nixon placated liberals with a raft of programs like the EPA. Obama merely gave America a half-ass version of “Socialized Medicine” that the AMA and Republicans had fought off forty years before. And I will never forgive that twit Congressman who yelled “You lie” at the President during his State of the Union Message.

When I ridicule our President should his fans take that as my rebuke of them as well? Maybe. Think of it as the collateral damage anyone attempting to speak honestly faces. “Dad, you embarrass me.”………………..Yeah, this President embarrasses me and I really can’t be blamed for his election. I did what I could to stop it. If you voted for him I think the responsibility lies with you. If you were or are a low information voter or if you came to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton was just as bad as Trump those are your crosses to bear. If you won’t bear them because you are still Trump’s fan you have to get over my contempt for your hero. If you can’t do that, I feel no more guilt than Dietrich Bonhoeffer felt for trying to rid Germany of Adolph Hitler. (Although I’ll be the first to admit that Trump is no Hitler…….he is falling waaay short in his attempt to take over the world. Hell, getting elected President wrecked Trump’s attempt to take over FOX News. What an Incompetent! Now as our President the sorry SOB is too busy playing golf to make Presidential appointments. He’s too busy tweeting about what a putz the North Korean strong man is. Sorry, it takes one to know one.

As I wrote in the last post one possible silver lining might be that the US will grow up enough as the next three years grind mercilessly to an end to realize it can’t be the parent of the whole world. If that’s the most I can hope for I’ll take it. In the meantime, if you think I’m being mean to your (and my) jackass President – get used to it. Time will tell whether you are willing to admit to your grandchildren that you voted for the Dildo-in-Chief.

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