In ten years I’ve never used the word “dildo” in my blog…

…I will today and on an imminently worthy object of scorn.

But first I’d like to hint at a silver lining. That hope was helped along by two things. First a PBS program about the Hubble telescope perhaps the single greatest scientific instrument ever created. It started out that way then quickly became one of the biggest jokes in NASA history. Until it was given the equivalent of corrective lenses and got the chance to live up to its hype. I think “Fake News” is on the cusp of inflicting onof the single greatest paybacks in the history of revenge by exposing Donald Trump to many of his most ardent supporters for what he is – a dildo.

Before I began this post I checked to see if I’d ever used the word dildo in a post. It would have if I’d told the following story. It turns out I haven’t so here goes. Its not much of a story.

A year or so after I moved to our home on 21st Avenue I looked out the back window and saw a trio of boys laughing as they passed around a long pink object. If I had any doubts about what it was they were answered the next day when I found a fat, pink, rubber penis in my backyard. I guess the boys had no idea what to do with it other than leave in my yard for my grade schoolers to bring to my attention while asking what the hell it was.

Sorry. That’s the story. It ended when I threw it in our waste disposal bin moments later.

And that’s a preview of this posts conclusion. I think like the three teenagers who took a brief interest in the sex toy they found but who ultimately dropped it in my yard Donald Trump’s supporters will leave him in the dust. America will be stuck with him for three more years unless grounds for impeachment arise but frankly; there is no Constitutional provision for removing a dildo from the Oval Office. You need read no further but help yourself:

The other news item which makes this ending likely is the book which is being excerpted in advance of its January 9th release. It has already forced a break between Donald Trump and his Iago, Steve Bannon. The books quotes Bannon calling Trump’s son-in law, Jared Kushner, a traitor. The news of this prompted Trump to call Bannon crazy. But the book’s real news is that Donald Trump not only was surprised to be elected – I could tell that watching him on election night. The real news is that Trump at no point ever thought he had the remotest chance of beating Hillary Clinton. That was news to me because as early as February when I made a snow sculpture of him I was worried America would elect him.

Like Trump I saw that all the Republican candidates were stiffs. I also figured he only wanted to run against him to stoke his reputation and business interests. Apparently he had something specific in mind. According to Trumps whistle blowing crowd he wanted to have his own television network – Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Channel. He didn’t need let alone want the ego gratification of being President. He already had better than that without all the handcuffs being President would impose on him with like minute by minute scrutiny threatening to expose him for the dildo he was – Ignorant, Narcissistic, Nasty, Misogynistic, Marginally literate, Arrogant while devoid of a single particle of conscience or public service.

His supporters may find a small grain of success in the one thing Trump was always likely to do “shake things up.” I’ve seen a few hints of them myself like the possible disintegration of the political party that created the monster. Oh, he’s appointed a lot of “conservative” minded judges to the joy of anti-abortionists but they have yet to realize that no matter what happens abortion will remain the law of the land in half the states of the union. And this has only been made possible because the Republican Party has failed to play fair. This would be no triumph.

Its not just America that will lose its reputation over the next three years of Trump or Mike Pence. Donald Trump will suffer as will all those he glued to his tongue. Donald Trump doesn’t enjoy being exposed as a dildo but he has nowhere to hide but his bedroom with the three televisions constantly broadcasting his dismemberment.

The last people Trump will lose with be his loyalists. I expect the thirty percent who will quietly drop out like fans of a Superbowl Team that falls a touchdown short every quarter of the Superbowl.

All through my life America has suffered under the expectation that we are Exceptional. When I was little I heard it said and repeated many times through the years that we have never lost a war. I knew enough of history to doubt this as a grade school kid. Other than conquering the island of Grenada in the first Bush Administration none of our wars since World War II ended with an unconditional surrender. We’ve suffered the indignity of remaining a racist, misogynistic and increasingly aristocratic nation leaving poor Trump supporters in the dust. Then Donald Trump came to their rescue by making empty promises he had no real interest in and got elected with the help of Vladimir Putin. If any researcher measured one of Trump’s stool sample’s from his first year as President he/she would find an astronomical level of glucocorticoids. Those are stress hormones that have been found at high levels in aggressive Alpha male baboons. I can only imagine what the next three years will bring. They won’t get Trump his television empire. I hope his Hippy Doctor has a lot of stents in his arsenal.

So, where is that silver lining? This is it. I think an America humbled could be a good thing. Our Republican fueled notions of exceptionalism have set a bar too high for us to live up to and we are in free fall in the world’s reputation. I will be eager to see America redeem itself in the world’s opinion. I just have a long wait for that to happen.

Don’t get me wrong. Trump voters had real grievances. They simply misread Donald Trump while he took advantage of their naivete and accidentally got himself elected President. A lot of them bought the juvenile Republican analysis of liberals being some sort of menace like Commies were supposed to be during the Red Scare. I suspect that no matter how successfully the Democrats many factions undermine each other over the next couple years they will have an enemy that has all the attraction of that dildo my thirteen-year-old neighbors dropped in my backyard.

Keep you fingers crossed.

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