Doomsayer ignored

I’ve had a month to recover from my most recent election defeat. I was quick to cast a gimlet eye on the satisfied reaction of the News Trib’s editors who viewed my warnings as over the top doomsday talk rather than as a necessary warning.

Well, I can be an I-told-you-so as well as a prophet so I’ll belatedly link to yesterday’s banner headline in the Trib “Duluth school cuts loom.” We have lost a three million dollar reserve which we painfully cobbled together in my four years on the School Board. We have a couple day’s reserve of one tenth of a million dollars. Statutory Operating Debt (SOD) and State intervention is just around the corner.

As for the three fresh new faces who are going to cure our ills with positivity…….only one of them, Josh Gorham, has made a habit of attending school board meetings both before and since his election.

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