This is the corner of a Facebook Picture of one of the commentators responding to the hyped up allegation that I’m not honest. So far this nasty meme doesn’t seem to have gone very far but it has seven weeks yet to catch fire. I find the call to fight hate ironic.

I am about nintyfive percent positive that a nastygram sent to me telling me to “screw off” for causing trouble was inspired by this Facebook Page’s followers because it also added that “Gary Gl “ass”” was responsible too. Why would an anonymous corespondent mention Gary who quit the school board six years ago in disgust? Because someone mentioned Gary’s name as also being responsible in the comment section following the screed against me. But anyone paying attention to the Duluth School Board in the news, instead of on this Facebook Page, would know that it is Art Johnston’s name that has been linked with mine for four years not Gary’s. So, some members of this “feminist” organization are flattering the Putin-paid, anti-Hillary hackers who paid Facebook $100,000 to scuttle her campaign for President with lies and falsehoods. And ironically, they are bad mouthing Dana Krivogorsky because I donated to her campaign. Guilt by association, Anybody?

When I got the letter I jotted down my reaction:

“Long before pussy grabber, long before Hillary stalking, long before Neil Gorsuch I railed against the misogynist Donald Trump. In fact, almost a year before the woman’s march (which my wife and I marched in locally) I sculpted Donald Trump in snow as a warning against his demagogic misogyny and posted my revulsion for the man.”

I was an early supporter of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). I was a stay-at-home-Dad when my children were young. I was the de facto campaign manager three elections in a row for what I believe to be the first African-American woman elected to the Duluth School Board and I went to over 7000 doors to help elect Alanna Oswald to the school board two years ago.

We will not let hate win, indeed!

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