The Devil Made Me Do It

USA Today reports that 19% of Americans think that the book and movie “Da Vinchi Code” is the work of the devil. I wonder if they think the “Left  Behind” series is too or whether its the work of God?

When I was in high school it didn’t occur to me than anyone really believed in the devil until the movie “The Exorcist” came out. We were talking about it in our home room when I asked Sue Weber, who sat in front of me, if she believed in the Devil. Oh yes, she did. Heck, Sue wasn’t even a Baptist. She was a Lutheran for crying out loud!

My Mother always told me that she didn’t believe in Hell. She said that if there was such a place it was right here on Earth which is a theory that our newspaper headlines seem to bolster daily. I suppose that fundamentalists would just say that Mom was full of the Devil.

Well if she was she should have gotten over that after I was born.

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