Where to next? Pt 3

There will be a fall election for the School Board. Four pro Red Plan board members could be replaced. If all were replaced by anti-Red Plan Board members they could begin to reverse the Red Plan and or put it to a referendum. This is why the District has sped up and condensed the building plan into a two or three year schedule instead of a five year cycle. (Even if it means disrupting thousands of children’s lives by moving them higgledy piggledy all over the District)

Last night Supt. Dixon said the reason for the speed up was because the District could save more money by doing this because all the wonderful savings of $5 million a year would start accruing two years earlier if the plan was done sooner. It seems funny that this didn’t occur to the finance wizards who brought us the Red Plan in the first place. (I probably ought to count this as yet another of Dr. Dixon’s lies)

Let Duluth Vote is not a political organization. It took no position on the recent referendum for instance. To have done so would have subjected it to Minnesota’s Fair Campaign Practices Act and a whole lot of paperwork to show where its money came from……Hey, a bunch of it came from me.

I presume LDV will stay out of the School Board campaign and simply continue to raise money for court battles and continue exposing the Red Plan for the fraud it is. However, individual members like me have already been talking to potential school board candidates and will lend our personal assistance to get them elected.

Last night Dr. Dixon’s small cheering section was composed mostly of suits from JCI, the Architects drawing up the plan, his subordinates and a couple leaders of the Building trades one of whom did not identify himself as such, and a handful of his core Move Forward Duluth supporters. That’s all Dr. Dixon could muster. People who have their hand in the till.

I thought it was striking to read in the Trib coverage yesterday that Move Forward Duluth only has “about 300” people on their email list while we mailed out 1400 letters to previous contributors (2000 if your count spouses). I think that speaks volumes.

What we don’t know is where MFD got all the money for its full page ads. Of course, they didn’t advocate voting for the recent operational levy they only “explained” how it would work. That spared them having to report their donations to the State. My guess is that it came from some of the millions of tax payer money that has been paid over to JCI and the architects. By the time it was donated to MFD, of course, it was no longer tax payer money.

JCI and the Architects as corporate entities will be prevented by law from contributing to Pro-Red Plan candidates. I know 1,400 people who could probably be persuaded to contribute directly to candidates who oppose the school board. No wonder Dr. Dixon is in a hurry.

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