The Big Fill – a correction

I’m getting lots of email traffic as folks learn new details. It seems the “Big Fill” is the teacher’s name for what’s going to happen to them as they are shuffled all over the system with students and lose their chance to stay at preferred schools:

Hi Harry,
I showed your letter to my teacher friend who is in total support of Let Duluth Vote as many, many teachers are but can’t speak out due to fear of retribution. The Big Fill comment that you made about students , is actually a term that the Union came up with referring to teachers. All names of teachers will go into the big fill, so no teacher can keep a job at a school that for instance isn’t closing, just because they have the job at that time doesn’t mean they will retain it. Seniority, license requirements and other things will determine who has jobs and who doesn’t. Many teachers with duel license subjects could become stranded in “the Big fill”. It will be a huge mess and teachers will be losing jobs. so the big fill doesn’t refer to students.
I delivered your letter along with the Ordean flyer attached to houses in Lester Park today. I have about 40 left to distribute and will do that early tomorrow. I added Lester Park to the Ordean neighborhood flyer and printed 120 of them. I am putting them on Wyoming St. where I live, Glenwood and Oneida streets close to the Lester Park School site. See you tomorrow nite. B

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