Taking a drink under Niagara Falls

Every now and then I’ll write a post with references to the multiple issues and activities that consume me often to the point of keeping me from sleeping. The previous post was a riff on grappling with too much.

In keeping with the “priority” I mentioned in a previous post rather than filling in the last post’s outline I spent hours writing a farewell letter to my Uncle. I hope he will last long enough to read it. That may depend on the alacrity of the US Postal Service, (these days mailing it from Duluth adds an extra day to the delivery time. I may have to fax it to Denver.)

The act of creation takes time and yesterday I was paralyzed in the teeth of half a dozen subjects. That morning it was easier to go out and chop December’s ice off my sidewalks. I devoted the afternoon to family concerns but the other half dozen matters, mulch, the recent School Board Conference, School District attorneys, the presidential inauguration, appeals for snow sculpting etc. will not go away.

If you are keen read about matters related to the School Board and impatient for me to return to that subject let me suggest last Friday’s column, First Among Equals, by Loren Martell. He describes a School Board meeting that was a little more fraught than this Tuesday’s interminably long affair.

And as to this week’s meeting – since it has been explained (incorrectly) that we have approved rubber mulch replacement this summer despite a study saying rubber mulch poses no health risk (still debatable) you might watch some of the ninety minutes we spent at the last meeting deciding how to approach the turf replacement. Hint – its still not a done deal!

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