For my eight loyal readers I apologize for the absence of posts. There are a lot of things going on but I’ve been in the Cities for a couple days and I have to wait my turn at the hotel computer. Actually, I was rather impressed to discover that my readership has bumped up a bit lately. Just yesterday I had 157 different visitors and on average they peeked at a little over ten blog posts each. Considering that half of Duluth’s voting population probably doesn’t have computers that’s not bad.

I have a lot of catching up to do but not this weekend. Its a little before bedtime and I’ll just make a couple quick posts.

I’ve been catching up on emails and one person was kind enough to send me this letter to the editor to the Budgeteer which was sent in in the wake of the Welty – Doty Debate. To say it steeled me for the next two months would be an understatement.

Steamed about the Red Plan columns

I just read the March 22 Budgeteer columns about the Red Plan by Ralph Doty and Harry Welty. It was interesting reading, but it’s always sad when a controversy turns vicious.

Over the past months, I have conducted my own little survey. When I go to a meeting or church or lunch or visiting, I always just casually say, “What do you think of the Red Plan?” Then I sit back and listen. Wow. Talk about opening up a can of worms. You should hear everyone entering in with their comments. It gets rather heated at times. And I have never heard one single person say they are for the Red Plan. They are steamed about not being allowed to vote and they say not allowing open bidding is against the law and find the whole process undemocratic.

I’ve always supported Doty in the past. He’s a strong supporter of unions “as was his father” and that’s fine. I support that, too, but I want fairness included in the process, and, quite frankly, it’s quite evident (to me) that Superintendent Keith Dixon did a poor job in Faribault.

It seems to me the school board has simply dug in its heels and refused to listen to their constituents. And the way they have turned on Gary Glass is inexcusable.

Let’s hope all of the facts come out in the media. Please be open and fair and please don’t use your paper as a “bully pulpit.”


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