A new Era of paranoia?

This mornings anonymous emailer sent me a gracious if paranoid message to my reply about the District’s Building sales. Let me first mention that what caught my attention about the email was the tag end that said it was encrypted to guarantee anonymity. I had just read a news story in the wake of Yahoo’s announcement that 1 billion of its subscribers had been hacked explaining that since the Trump victory there was a huge wave of people hiding their online identities with a number of encryption systems.

Here’s my anonymous friends second email and my subsequent reply:

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I understand your point, but for at least the next four years, I am in complete stealth mode. I have/will be very critical about the powers that be, and I have muslim friends and family members. It’s VPN’s, Tor and proton mail for me. Elected to oversee administers? Did you mean watch them as they do whatever they want including looking for employment elsewhere? I understand that this isn’t your fault, but I and I’m sure you are more than sick of it by now.
Keep fighting the good fight.

Sent from ProtonMail, encrypted email based in Switzerland.

And my reply:

To: Minkdevil
Subject: RE: School Sales

I don’t blame you one damn bit Minkdevil. Orwell was off by a few decades.

All l can do is fight the good fight locally and nationally.

I have some Muslim friends. I can only imagine how they feel. Hang in there.


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