Two good bits of news for ISD 709

Firstly, there was a nice front page story about the expansion of Pre K funding in our schools. This has been one of the top priorities of Governor Dayton and while the funding is only partially accomplished Duluth is one of the Districts that has been able to take advantage of it. I will add that one of the challenges this will cause, if and when the funding goes from covering 30% of pre K children to 100%, will be finding classroom space for them in our schools. This will be a problem for all Minnesota school districts and after the Red Plan it will place an especial monkey on ISD 709’s back. Our elementary schools are mostly crammed to the gills as it is.

And secondly, the lawsuit (financed by union hating conservative big money types) against Minnesota’s teacher tenure laws has been thrown out by the courts. Duluth had been included as one of the defendents and while our Administration was slow to fill the school board in on the legal ramifications this story, reprinted in the DNT, gives that anxiety a rest.

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