Mulch alternatives wait for no School Board

Cory Kirsling, one of the Lester Park parents who successfully persuaded the School Board to come up with a new playground surface told me the other day how Lowell Elementary parents took the bull by the horns and helped develop a second playspace and more to let their children escape the mulch on their playground.

I zipped up to Lowell yesterday to check it out. Part of the space that the parents put in themselves was a sandy area next to the mulch with cut log stumps around it. In addition they cut a trail through the woods overlooking the school which teachers can now use to talk about the enviorment.

The equipment on the orignal space covered with rubber mulch still commanded the attention of most of the children when I dropped by. It will evenaually be replaced over the next year but it demonstrates the willingness of parents to help the District cut costs as we move to our new playgrounds. I’ve heard that the work the parents put into this new outdoor space helped unify the PTSA.

A couple pictures I took while there including the sand pile and the path into the woods.

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