Mongering, Fish, War, Clinton, take your pick

I have meant to say a lot more about this year’s sorry election spectacle. Half of America will have to move to Canada whatever the outcome. Good thing they haven’t put up a fence yet.

Hillary is taking it on the chin over her emails. After Snowden released everything under the sun on purpose I am not sure why were are raising so much hell about a secretary of state erasing email that is supposed to be secret. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Its because Hillary Clinton was driven paranoid by the “Vast Republican Conspiracy” to get rid of Bill Clinton before he appropriated too many Republican ideas and got popular as a result. Bill called it triangulation and now Hillary is doing the same darned thing.

Anywho…..The Trumpster caught my attention at the Commander and Chief Forum last night when:

He said our officer corps had been turned to “rubble” by Obama and then asserted he’d get a bunch of new generals as though promotions wern’t the military’s job.

He said, for the umpteenth time, that he had a secret plan to crush ISIS in much the same way Richard Nixon boasted of his secret plan to end the Vietnam War when he was running in 1968.

He said if it had been up to him he would have taken all of Iraq’s oil. Ironically stopping the same kind of theft is why we invaded Iraq in the first place – to stop them from taking oil out of Kuwait after invading them. Surely doing what Trump wants would require a more super power to invade the United States and put an end to our theft.

He reiterated that Putin was great and a signifant improvement over Obama……..even though Putin’s critics are all assassinated. Putin’s a role model all right.

Where HL Mencken when we need him?

Meanwhile our incompetent President (and my favorite for the past thirty years) visited Laos and shook his head over all the bombs we dropped on them during the Vietnam War. It was more bombs, two million ton’s worth, than we dropped on the Axis Powers during World War II. One of their key industries today is making prostheses for people who keep blowing off their legs in rice paddies.

Coincidentally, last week I watched the Australian movie The Rocket about an enterprising young Lao boy who should never have been born according to his tribal customs. (He had a twin) Everywhere his family travels, after an Australian conglomerate and the Laotion government build a massive reservoir which displaces them, is littered with old American ordnance much of it still live. It was nice to hear our Commander and Chief offer financial help to Laos to remove it. Trump would just charge Laos the same way he plans to charge Mexico for our wall.

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