Abortion again

I feel strongly that the issue of Abortion has been dealt with damnably in American politics for most of my life. I have never been shy about tossing in my two cents on the subject but in recent years I haven’t commented on it largely because I’ve said everything I can think of about it and put it on the blog.

That said I run across other voices that make sense and that are worth sharing. Here’s one of them from a person who thinks almost exactly like me except that she considers herself pro life and not pro choice. If you are pro life ignoring her arguments will come at the peril of the children you wish to save.

I said much the same thing (although not nearly so well) in a speech that earned me a room full of boos in a Republican Convention back in 1992.

This summer I was reminded of that by a Republican who likes what I do on the Duluth School Board. We reminisced about those years when I was still an eager if unloved Republican. He asked me why I would give such a speech to the Republicans. I did it for the half dozen timid pro choice participants who defied the crowd and clapped for me in the face of a chorus of boos. What I said needed to be said. Our nation would be a better place today had my arguments been heeded then.

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