Trump distractions via Internet

My Brother, a businessman, sent me this link today. It was on Politico and will no doubt be all over lots of other web pages before the week is out. It will probably be on the Olympics before its over as have several other Clinton ads.

I clicked an image on politico site thinking it might be a link to the ad before the real video showed up a few seconds late and was surprised to see the most unflattering of picture of Hillary on it photo-shopped to look like she was in prison with an accompanying link to more Hillary dirt. I laughed at how clever the Trumpsters were to sabotage a site that would do so much damage to Trump.

In the world of magicians this kind of diversion is critical to fooling the audience. Its a little like the last few weeks news. The Donald smears his reputation with little crappola hints suggesting that the Obama team recruited for ISIS or gun rights supporters might pull off a Lee Harvey Oswald on Hillary in front of enthusiastic audiences that olfactory challenged. I think its a losing strategy but he’s already laid out his excuse for the pummeling it looks like he’s about to take in November. “The system is rigged.”

If he means that he himself has laid IED-like trip wires all over his own campaign I can’t help but agree. Like others it leads me to suspect he only wanted free press when he began this project last year. For more and more people, including lots of black Americans who once had positive feelings about him, he’s replaced the T at the beginning of his last name with a CH.

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