Email fencing over 2016 politics – Round 2

And my Buddy back to me:

From: “Your Buddy”
Sent: Fri, 5 Aug 2016 11:36:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Althouse: Have you watched last night’s Libertarian town hall?


I got the same impression. However, I got the impression that Althouse is positive about Johnson at Weld. At, she said:
And I just want to say that Weld is an elegant guy. Weld is great. I’m loving Weld.
I have been depressed by the bullshit from Hillary and The Donald, but that depression was appreciably reduced after I watched the CNN interview of Johnson and Weld. I felt that I could comfortably vote for those guys, and let other persons choose between Hillary and The Donald.

Your Buddy

And my reply:


I will be one of those “other persons” but I don’t blame you for voting for Weld. He’s one of my heroes. I loved it when he went after Teddy for the Senate. Weld scared the hell out of the Mass. Dems when he did.

Sadly, the ideologues who took over the GOP and insisted on purity , meaning turning their back on practical, middle-of-the-road governing, turned primaries into purges of moderates even at the cost of electing Democrats in their place. They have made Hillary the next President of the United States. Talk about making your own worst fears come true. Weld was one of their victims. Now they’ve crippled the GOP for a generation. They may become the next Whig Party.

I have no sympathy for the Party. They and their pundits were all afraid to challenge Rush and his imitators. There was no room for dissent and randy Roger Ailes helped make that possible. There is not an Abe Lincoln anywhere in their midst although, to his credit, Mitt Romney has taken a stab at it. Too little. Too late.


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