Loren Martell’s Time Machine

Watching our June 21st school board meeting in full on youtube will take you three hours and 18 minutes. That’s a big reason to be grateful to Loren Martell who continues to sit through our meetings to capture our escapades in his Duluth Reader column. It only took me three or four paragraphs into his latest contribution for me to find a good chuckle. That had to do with the unwillingness of our current leadership to speed up one item for consideration thus forcing an eager group of parents to endure three hours of drudgery till we got to the consideration of rubber tire mulch. Poor Jana Hollingsworth, our intrepid DNT Education reporter, had to leave the meeting before we got to it in order to meet her deadline. (She must have stayed tune from afar because she got that tidbit in her story the next day)

I also appreciated the Duluth Reader’s editors capturing one of my questions of our financial advisers for special attention by placing it at the top of the story. No where else in Duluth, other than this blog, can a casual school board observer get a gander at what our school board is up to. This particular Martell column might challenge readers with elderly eyes. I noticed some of the smallest type I’ve ever seen in the Reader to put the entire column on just two pages. Yes, the Red Plan’s impact on the school gets yet another mention. Still, I found it an agreeable column.

I’ve got another couple of wonderful weather days to paint so I’m sitting on the many unwritten posts keeping me awake at night. When they keep me awake I turn on the light and continue reading the Old Testament. I’m almost though Second Chronicles. Each chapter is like a rerun of today’s headlines. Like today the freighted word “Israel” suggests a lost cause. I’ve been surprised how the Bible’s historians used it as almost as a word of opprobrium. This was not because it wasn’t a holy place. It certainly was. It is because after Solomon’s rule it became a place of such disappointment for God. But I only have so much energy. I’ll leave it to Loren Martell to get my readers past the holiday weekend.

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