The log in Reinert’s eye

Freshly minted Rep. Reinert has wasted little time beating up Gov. Pawlenty. Roger complains in a letter to the Trib:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s plan relies on more federal funding from Congress than Minnesota is likely to receive. His budget would borrow $1 billion the state doesn’t have.

Oh Really, Roger. And Duluth has the $450 million that the Red Plan will cost? Your letter brags about the tough decisions you faced as a City Councilor. Did you mean to include the part where you avoided telling the School Board that they were spend thrifts? Let’s see. Divide. $1 billion in state debt by 3,5 million Minnesotans and you get $285 per person. Divide the Red Plan’s $430 million by Duluth school district’s 90,000 residents and you get $5,000.

$285 vs. $5,000! $285 vs. $5,000! $285 vs. $5,000!

Roger, wake up Roger! Roger……Roger………Roger….ROGER!!!!
Either Roger has got a log in his eye or he’s fallen off it.

Oh well, You can go to his Saturday forum and testify about what the state needs to do about its fiscal difficulties. Don’t bother asking him about the City of Duluth. He’s too busy to deal with that.

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