Throw the bums out!

No, not the School Board – the indigent the halt and the blind.

I sent this email out last night to LDV’s friends. It was a little too incindiary to put in the blog until I reflected on it. I’ve reflected. Here it is:

I got a call from Chuck Horton this morning inviting me onto his wife Corinda’s radio talk show at 10AM on Thursday. I accepted. She’s got the Governor on tomorrow. I asked that Corinda ask the Governor what he thinks of our not being able to vote on the Red Plan. Having several angry folks call in on that subject might impress on him that if we ever seek help from St. Paul again he ought to consider giving it.

Chuck called me again tonight to tell me that the District had just bought the Duluth Hotel on Grand. He got a call from a city councilor who was upset (not one of our helpers in the past) It seems the District paid the owner $500,000. It wasn’t originally on the list of properties but he volunteered to sell it. Gary tells me the District had it on a list for $400,000 at a recent board meeting and the vote was to buy it.

Horton is from the area and describes the place as a dump but one which houses people in wheel chairs the lame and the blind. Very biblical.

The residents are afraid of the owner and Chuck exhorted Fox News to go down immediately to talk to the soon to be evicted residents before the day rises and some tough friends of the owner come around to make sure they stay quiet.

Chuck called Fox too late for their 9PM broadcast but we’ll see if they follow up tomorrow.

Mr. Horton tells me that HRA has no place for these folks to go to.

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