Whatever happened to Plan B?

This post is long, long overdue. Blame it on overwork. I woke up at 3AM today (went to bed past midnight) and finally got a chance to post information about our Plan B history on the Let Duluth Vote website. At first we thought keeping a low profile would help us work with the District. Yeah, I know, we’re naive. Now we need to make this information available to attorneys looking over the multiple legal challenges that we’ve outlined in our RFP for legal services.

We’ve posted the original petition language.

We’ve posted the ten page Request for proposals for consultants to put a Plan B document together for the state’s “review and comment” preparatory to putting a referendum on the ballot. (actually I did this earlier but forgot I had)

We show the District’s letter rejecting our RFP saying it doesn’t match the language on the petition.

We show the District is wrong.

To summarize:

After dragging out the petition process for almost a year the District has no interest in expediting a referendum that would prove how unhappy voters are. They’ve said a vote won’t count anyway because they will ignore the result. They’ve said their lawyers told them we did the petition wrong. The Attorney General ruled that the District lawyers were wrong. They’ve said it will cost money they don’t have. They’ve said our understanding of our own petition is wrong. They’ve said its too late because the Red Plan has advanced so far. This foot dragging simply provides us one more issue for a possible court challenge.

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