Dueling Bullet Points

I presume a Denfeld Staff member who sees things differently shared this email with the three board members who are in Edison’s “pocket”. Its an email from a Denfeld teacher to the Denfeld staff:

Colleagues, As you are probably aware, The Edison Charter Schools in Duluth are putting on a full court press to sway our board members to change their position on selling them the site at Central High School. I think this is orchestrated. They are asking their “fans” to write the newspaper, e-mail officials, and make phone calls. Much of what is said is scripted and comes from bullet points provided by the folks at Edison. They have three SB members in their pocket.

I am asking you to send Rosie, David, Nora, and Anne an e-mail of encouragement and ask them to stand firm. If you read Sunday’s front page story, you know they have issues building on Snowflake Hill. These are not issues they are upfront with when they claim that selling the Central site is a win-win situation. They could never build a school that is remotely close to the one on the Central site for the 22 million they want to spend. It could cost them $50 million dollars to duplicate the Central facility on Snowflake hill. They are running an aggressive campaign to get a whole lot of something for less than half it would take them to build.

If we are going to compete with them, then we shouldn’t be giving them this kind of assistance. We have so much more to offer our students. We lose our competitive edge if we give them the means to match us.

Please let our school board know we support them. I only see a whole lot of veiled threats in the form of letters to the editor coming from the other side. Today someone claimed they represent 82% of the population. That’s garbage. We need to speak up!

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