Art corrects the 50/50 count claim

Art Johnston sent the School Board this email today:

Hello School Board,

I tabulated the emails that I received that were addressed to all the school board members, concerning the Central property.

Here’s what I received via that common school board member address:

Total: 269
For Selling: 188 or 70%
Against Selling: 81 or 30%.

These emails were received by all of us. I don’t see how any of you could have received any different numbers than I did as we were all addressed on all of these emails.

Yes, these are only email counts, and don’t mean anything, except that I think it is important have more accurate information than some presented last night on the tabulations, for the record.

In addition to the above, I did also receive another 100+ (didn’t take time yet to count them, as they aren’t common to all of us) emails solely addressed to me, from my other email addresses, or were comments from my webpage comments. Those were running about 90% to sell.

You can also look the poll on my website for additional tabulations which are at 95% sell.


Art Johnston

Meanwhile a new poll on the News Tribune website shows that 85% of its readers think the no sale vote was wrong.

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