Swords/Plowshares 31 – Public Employee Unions are cracking the whip


First the Unions in Duluth pushed the Red Plan for construction jobs at the eventual expense of a hundred teaching jobs.

Now the Public Employee Unions are flexing their muscle to prevent ISD 709 from getting back some state money for its useless Central High School.

Its as though they are telling local pols: “We got you elected now bend to our will.” Both Representative Simmonds and Jen Schultz have issued proclamations aimed at curbing Charter Schools. Education Minnesota has sent out a dubious flyer to Duluth’s teachers telling them that the Central Sale will doom America. You could almost be forgiven if you thought Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was running for Mayor of Duluth.

As near as I can tell 80% or better of Duluth thinks saving Central High School from the wrecking ball and selling it to the Duluth Public Schools Academy is a sound, sensible, kid friendly decision. This clamor for the sale to go through is prompting a lot of union hysteria.

Where will the unions be when ISD 709 starts swallowing annual recurring deficits and a frustrated public refuses to pass operational levies?

Just asking.

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