Denfeld parking fiasco

I’ve often commented on the Ordean parking nightmare which will result from the Red Plan but it is now obvious that the Denfeld neighborhood will be in even worse shape.

Ever since I can remember Denfeld neighbors have complained to the School Board about sharing the streets with the cars of high school students. The Eminent Domain that took out a dozen homes was to be used for parking which would have mitigated this crowding

Now however, in the latest drawings by DSGW Architects, a energy sucking Atrium and other additions are to be placed on Fourth Street and the vacated property which was to be used to provide more parking. This means that after taking all those homes there will only be 285 student parking spots or a net increase of 63 parking spots! But there will be an influx of 500 or 600 Central students. So while there will be sixty new parking spots there will also be 200 to 300 new cars clogging up Denfeld while at the same time 4th street is lost to thru traffic.

After this new energy hogging monstrosity is built there will be even more Denfeld residents begging the School Board to buy up their homes.

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