Snowday and other news

On Wednesday when school was called on account of snow I headed over to our Administration building to see who made it into work on a day when all the schools were closed. It was quiet. Our secretary’s all have the first snow day of the year off and this was it. Just a few administrators were around. It was a good time to kibbutz with whoever was available. I spent about four hours there.

I ran into Supt. Gronseth in the Business Office and we ended up having a cordial palaver for an hour and a half. I told him he had made some very good hires in the past year.

What he didn’t tell me was that there was some big news coming. I wish him good luck.

Oh, and the snow we got halfway up the hill (It all melted down by the Lakeshore) was enough for me to find Max. It looks like it will be cool enough for him to hide eggs for Easter a little better than a week from now. He just found a pink one.

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