“Keep plugging away”

Typical, typical.

I just popped into a store this morning to get some new shoe laces. The Salvation Army bell ringer, wrapped up so snugly I couldn’t recognize her, looked at me and said with her voice rising, “Harry Welty! – Keep plugging away!”

I knew just what she meant. Evidently Gary Glass is getting the same message. He is getting an outpouring of phone calls after his colleague Mary Cameron said she wanted him ousted from the School Board. He’ll keep plugging away too.

Oh, and Gary’s colleagues, the ones who never ask any questions but complain that he asks too many forcing them to spend their precious time correcting him, chided him for wasting their and the public’s time by not simply emailing his questions to the administration.

If they could see the list of emailed questions he’s sent in to the administration with nary a response back they would be shocked……or maybe not. For them, it seems, there’s no such thing as a foolish question ….there are only tiresome questions.

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