Our School board members – “absolutely wrong”

After calling Gary Glass an “elephant” at October’s school board meeting for suggesting that the district could or would use operation’s money to pay for the Red Plan – something tonight’s resolution would begin – Ann Wasson and Mary Cameron rebutted Gary in an Oct 19th column in the Trib. It begins:

Our fellow School Board member, Gary Glass, authored a column in last Sunday’s News Tribune (“No’ vote for operation levy is not anti-education”) that was filled with misinformation about our school district’s operating levy. For example, he suggested the operating levy could be used to fund the District’s long-range facilities plan. Glass was absolutely wrong about that and about other items.

Somebody is absolutely wrong but it doesn’t seem to be Gary Glass.

When they vote to spend millions in health insurance premium increases without asking so much as a single question and expedite their decision by by suspending their regular rules of operations it helps explain how Board members Wasson and Cameron could write such uninformed columns and submit them to the paper for the entire community to read. They simply do not know what’s going on.

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