A little filler between political and other chores

I only have thirty minutes to add something of note before I head over to the Damiano Soup kitchen to serve lunch. I got up late after a welcome long night’s sleep. I followed that by catching up on some old Tribs I had set aside.

Yesterday, my neighbor, friend and political raconteur Dick Gastler died. I regret I didn’t look in on him recently. Many in the Denfeld family will be in mourning for him and his infamous green leisure suit.

I only tended to politics yesterday when I attended the Myers Wilkins’ forum for school board candidates. Most candidates were pretty evenly matched but I lingered afterward to talk with folks from the three campaigns I’m championing. I also caught up with Renee Van Nett to check that we were still on to meet tonight. We are. Would that the other two candidates had been willing to meet with me prior to the election.

I’ve always said that I’ve never met anyone who ran for the School Board who didn’t have our children’s interest foremost in their mind. That is certainly true of the three board members who are not running for reelection…….who perhaps took their focus off that target over the past year and a half. I’m confident that we will have a much different and more productive board starting next January no matter who is elected.

I promised some important analysis from Alanna Oswald last night but it will take me a while to format that for the blog so that will have to wait. I have crowed about the recent leaps in visitors to this blog but I discovered to my annoyance that they may not all be my target Duluth audience. Among the welter of information my stats gather up are visitors from servers in other nations. In the past few days visits from the Russian Federation have surpassed those of servers in the U.S. This has happened in the past with the Ukraine and China. I don’t trust the visit counts when this happens. It probably just means someone;s computer robot has planted something on my blog that I don’t want in order to attract hits of little consequence.

After lunch I’ll hand out more flyers, this time for Loren Martell and Alanna. I’ll post her research later tonight.

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