A fine editorial

This is the most heartening editorial I’ve read about the Duluth Schools in the News Tribune for many years. As I told Alanna Oswald, “It restores my faith in humanity.”

Like others in the Duluth school district, Alanna Oswald has noted with growing consternation the number of Duluth students choosing to enroll elsewhere. The potential for an even greater loss of student population as a result of the proposed opening of an Edison high school has been just as worrisome.

“The only option is to make our schools better,” Oswald wrote during a campaign season that has seen her grow stronger as a candidate. With that commitment, she has become the best choice for voters Nov. 3 in the race for an At Large seat on the Duluth School Board.

The editors of the Trib did what I expect them to do. They did the work of good reporters. I’ll humbly add that they made a better case for Alanna in this editorial than I have in a dozen posts in Lincolndemocrat.

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