A 10 minute explanation of this blog for new readers

I have ten minutes till I have to pick someone up for Church so here goes.

About 150 more people are paying a call on Lincoln Democrat daily now than at the beginning of the year. There will be close to 4,000 occasional readers of the blog this month. I presume, although I could be wrong, that most are Duluth residents. Some like me. Some detest me. Most are the folks who are the semi-wonks who follow the school board and want to know what’s happening in the schools. More are peeking at the blog now because of the looming election just 40 days away.

This post is meant to explain to my new readers things I’ve explained to old readers before. So, old readers, bear with me.

I am only fussy about making my ideas clear not submitting to an English teacher for a grade on grammer or spelling.
The last post was written up in one session and I’m sure, as with all such posts, when I review it for corrections I’ll wince at obvious mistakes. I may not take the time to improve it because my regular readers know by now that I can turn out a pretty polished piece of prose when I want to. In that respect looking at some of my posts is rather like looking at my snow sculptures a day or two before I’m finally finished with them. They are rough drafts that I may not get around to correcting. I’m busy.

Over the next forty days I’ll be doing my best to support a couple candidates for the school board. If you are reading this once or twice a week you know who I’m supporting and why. We need a new school board focused on education. Yesterday’s three posts in one is a reminder to all my readers that these and many more educational issues are what we should be focusing on not a feud between school board members.

That said, I am determined to explain to all my readers just how stupid and nasty the fight has been. Its a fight that is seven years old and frankly, I think the people of Duluth should know just how the institutional side has carried out this fight. I’ve written much about “Character Assassination.” When I resume writing about this current history – that I hope will soon be past history – I’ll detail what I’ve seen and witnessed. That’s because I wish to help rehabilitate Art Johnston’s character in the eyes of folks who have wanted to believe all the stories about how awful he has been.

I have been working harder to polish up my pieces for the new eyes reading over the blog but I won’t always make time to do this. I have a family that I’m giving more priority to than I have in the past. If you don’t like my typos, tough. Pay attention to the content.

Time to go and pick up my fellow parishioner. Adios.

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